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Miscellaneous Regulations

Miscellaneous Regulations

195.24 Interchange of traffic. All railroads shall afford reasonable and proper facilities for the interchange of traffic between their respective lines for forwarding and delivering passengers and freight, and shall transfer, switch for a reasonable compensation, and deliver without unreasonable delay or discrimination any freight or cars destined to any point on its tracks or any connecting lines; and shall give precedence over other freight to livestock and perishable freight.

562.001 Humane treatment of animals. It is the intent of the legislature that animals which participate in races in this state on which pari-mutual wagering is conducted and animals which are bred and trained in this state for racing shall be treated humanely, both on and off racetracks, throughout the lives of the animals.

562.02 [DOA duties.]. (1) (b) Promulgate rules to ensure the humane treatment of animals which race in this state or which are bred and trained in this state for racing and shall establish a program to administer those rules.

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