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Estimated Annual Cost of a Cat

Use this guide to determine if the expenses associated with adopting a cat fit within your budget.

Veterinary Care
Office Calls $20-30
Rabies Vaccination $11-26
3-Year Booster $11-36
Heartworm Test $12-36
Heartworm Pills $15-34
Deworming Vaccination $5-17
Distemper Shots $11-18
Emergency Calls $30+
Spay/Neuter $40-117
Cat Food and Supplies
Cat License $4-30
Cat Collar/Leash $10-15
Cat Food $120-245
Average Grooming Supply Costs
Brush $7-10
Comb $7-10
Shampoo/Conditioner $15-19
Flea Spray $5-10
Clippers $14-18
Average Grooming Costs
*Short Haired/Long Haired
*Costs will depend on coat condition

Total Estimated Cost (1 Year): $361-725

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