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Dogs in Wolf Hunt

The Wisconsin Humane Society and other plaintiffs have filed an appeal of the final judgment entered by Dane County Circuit Court on January 16, 2013 regarding the use of dogs to hunt wolves.

Dogs are allowed in the next wolf hunt unless the law is changed in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is the first and only state that allows dogs to be used to hunt wolves, and WHS strongly opposes this practice because it places dogs in dangerous, inhumane confrontations that will lead to injury or death. Additionally, quotas for Wisconsin’s wolf hunt were met in the first half of the allotted season without the need for, or use of, dogs, and the season was terminated earlier than originally planned.

The majority of those who attended the DNR’s Annual Spring Hearings across the state voted in support of prohibiting the use of dogs in the wolf hunt. For full results from the hearings, visit the DNR’s webpage. For more information on what you can do to help protect dogs, click here

  • Sunday, September 15, 2013