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Spay Day Donations Matched

Sponsor a Spay Day surgery for $50

100 cats will be spayed/neutered

More than 100 cats will be spayed or neutered on Spay Day at the Wisconsin Humane Society! This remarkable goal will be made possible by our friends Bridget and Mark, who have generously offered to match all donations for Spay Day surgeries, up to $2,500. Thanks Bridget and Mark! 
Will you sponsor a surgery for Spay Day? $50 will cover the costs for one frisky feline's neuter surgery, but donations of $10, $25, or any amount are appreciated, and all will be matched.
Started in 1994, Spay Day USA is a national day of action to reduce animal overpopulation and thus, prevent animal suffering. Spaying or neutering cats also has beneficial side effects, such as lowering the risk for developing certain cancers. Spay Day 2014 is Tuesday, February 25.
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Sheldon's Shelter Fund

Sheldon’s Shelter Fund was started by Sheldon and his mom as a way for lucky people and animals to share their happiness with animals who are waiting to find people of their own.  

Consider sharing your love by donating to the Sheldon Shelter Fund!