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Foster Care Saves Lives

She came into the Wisconsin Humane Society in a box and with a guardian in tears.

He explained that the cat was only seven months old but had slipped out and gotten pregnant.  Their premature son was already allergic to her and with the arrival of the kittens, there was no way they could continue to care for her and her little ones. 

The mother, Princess, has a beige coat with hints of a tabby print.  The four boys all take after mom - they are tabbies.  The two girls are tabicos (tabbies with the extra calico orange).  They are 10 days old.

Why Fostering?

I began fostering as a way to help animals and because, while I loved kittens, I didn't want to adopt any more cats.

Many parents also use fostering as a way to help their children learn to respect and care for animals.

Fostering involves just as much hard work and effort as it provides joy and laughter.  Whether you're fostering a litter of puppies or kittens or an adult cat or dog recovering from a recent fracture or amputation, there's more to do in your household than before - especially cleaning. 

There's also the loads of laughter and love.  To watch young kittens play 'pounce and prey' with each other can teach you as much about feline body language as it can about laughter.  To have a puppy snuggle into your lap after a long walk and fall blissfully asleep reminds you that peaceful moments need to be treasured, too.

Fostering Is Rewarding

Fostering an animal until he or she is ready for adoption is a rewarding commitment.

Some people feel they cannot foster because they would never be able to give the animal(s) back so WHS can find them a home. But, really, when you talk to those of us who foster, we will tell you that 

while this litter of kittens was special, we know that there is another one waiting for our loving care.  And while this dog needed help adjusting to three legs instead of four, there's another waiting who needs our help as well. 

If you would like to become a Volunteer Foster Parent, click here to fill out an on-line foster application. You can also call or email our Volunteer Coordinator, at (414)431-6103 with any questions.