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Prevent Bird/Window Collisions

We've all heard it: that heartbreaking "thud" of a bird hitting our window.

Did you know it is estimated that this happens somewhere between 100 million and one BILLION times each year in North America?! Last year alone the Wisconsin Humane Society admitted more than 200 birds like Peabody who were involved in window collisions.Peabody Did you also know that our cities present a largely ignored problem to migrating birds?

At night, migrating birds collide with lighted window glass or are confused by building lights and circle these buildings until they drop, exhausted, onto one of the city streets below. The next morning, the survivors may either fall victim to urban scavengers or can't find their way out of the canyons of glass, concrete and steel. In confusion, some then collide with windows reflecting the urban landscape.

You can help prevent the loss of our precious songbirds! Click on the panels, above, to find out how!

The Problem

Birds then collide with lighted windows or are attracted to and confused by other building lights. They may fly around the lighted buildings to the point of exhaustion; falling to the streets and sidewalks below where they are consumed by scavengers or collide with reflective windows during the daytime.

At the Milwaukee County Courthouse, these birds were found in strikingly close proximity. Not just during migration, but in all seasons many birds die in daytime window collisions. They see the landscape reflected in lower-level windows of homes and businesses and mistakenly think they can fly into this reflected landscape.

Want to help?

Click here to learn more about the Wisconsin Humane Society's WIngs program.

Click here to learn which bird species are at risk.

Click here to view WIngs season statistics collected through the program.

It is our goal to help save the lives of migrating birds. With your help we can bring life-saving changes to Wisconsin.

Learn more about how you can help here.

What is WIngs

Hundreds of avian window collision victims are admitted to the Wisconsin Humane Society's wildlife rehabilitation hospital each year and it is estimated that between 100 million and 1 BILLION birds die each year in North America from building collisions! These birds already face a wide variety of threats, including habitat destruction here and on their wintering grounds in Central and South America. But, we can help to make our city safe for the many thousands of migrating birds that pass through our area in the spring and fall. 

Our efforts include inviting corporate building managers to make their tall buildings bird-safe and encouraging everyone to do their part at work and at home to help protect birds from the hazards of window collisions. Numerous associations endorse WIngs; the Milwaukee and Madison Audubon Societies, Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center, the Milwaukee Zoological Society, the Wisconsin Audubon Council, the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology and Birder's World Magazine.

Be An Advocate

Join our WIngs Patrol!
Click here to join our team of Bird Collision Monitors as they walk the streets of downtown Milwaukee rescuing and collecting fallen songbirds in the early morning hours.

Download and Distribute WIngs Brochures!
Click Wings for a printable version of our WIngs brochure. The brochure contains information about preventing bird window-collisions at home, work, and school. Print and distribute the brochure at bird and birding festivals, nature centers, humane societies and animal shelters, parks, and businesses.

Become a Bird-Safe Building Advocate!
If you work in a tall building, we need your help! Click here to find out what you can do as a Building Manager. Not a manager? You can still help! Ask your coworkers and talk to your building manager about turning out lights at night!

The Wisconsin Humane Society and our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center exist solely through donations from patrons like you! Click here to learn about the benefits you will receive when you make a tax deductible donation to our WIngs campaign!

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