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Gift of Companionship

It has been said that one should not give an animal as a gift, but research demonstrates otherwise. The Wisconsin Humane Society believes that with a thoughtful approach and adequate support, the bonds of animal companionship can last a lifetime!

Pop Quiz

How well do you really know the person to whom you're giving the gift of companionship? Take our quiz to find out!

  1. Has your friend ever considered adding a companion animal to their lifestyle? Do you know what type of companion animal interests them?
  2. Is your friend at least 18 years of age and a resident of Wisconsin?
  3. Would you feel comfortable receiving a gift of this significance from this person?
  4. Does your friend have an understanding of the care involved with being a guardian for a companion animal?
  5. What is your friend looking for in a companion? 
  6. What are things they won't or can't tolerate in a new addition?

Gift Adoption Information

Were you able to answer all of the questions on our quiz with confidence?

If so, perhaps a gift adoption will best suit your gift-giving needs.  If not, consider a gift certificate to WHS and enable the person to take part in their own match-making journey.  

What is the Process?

When you give a gift adoption, you will take legal responsibility for the companion animal until the recipient contacts us to transfer ownership over to themself. The gift recipient can call or stop into WHS at any time to transfer ownership.

There are many advantages to adopting from the Wisconsin Humane Society using our Gift of Companionship program.

You can view available animals  by clicking on the "Adopt" link above. 

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$500K Matching Challenge

All donations for the Racine Capital Campaign are being matched! Help us build a better future for Racine's animals!