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Prohibitions: Criminal Penalties

94.708 Pesticides; sale and use to control bats. (1) DEFINTITION, As used in this section, “bat control purposes“ means for the purpose of killing, injuring, repelling or otherwise affecting the behavior of bats.

(2) SALE PROHIBITED, Except as provided under sub. (4), no person may sell, hold for sale or distribute any pesticide except naphthalene for bat control purposes to a person in this state. No dealer may advertise in this state or recommend any pesticide for bat control purposes to a person in this state

(3) USE PROHIBITED. Except as provided under sub. (4), no person may use any pesticide except naphthalene for bat control purposes.

(4) EXCEPTION. The department shall promulgate rules establishing standards for the sale, advertisement and use of pesticides for emergency bat control. The department may issue a permit authorizing and use of a pesticide in accordance with the rules that it promulgates only in the case of an individual bat colony after a determination that there exists an outbreak of rabies that threatens public health or another situation where the existence of a colony of bats threatens the health or welfare of any person. The department may not base its determination on an isolated individual instance of a rabid bat.

95.235 Sale of certain painted utensils. Any person who sells, for the purpose of feeding livestock, any utensil painted with a substance having a toxic effect upon livestock when taken orally shall be punished under s. 95.99 (1).

134.52 Shipment of chickens. ( 1 ) It shall be unlawful for any person,or the person's agent or servant, to ship, or for any common carrier or the agent or servant of such common carrier to allow, aid, or abet in the shipment of chickens confined in coops unless such coops are at least 13 inches in height on the inside and are covered at the top by wires or slats not more than one inch apart or by wire screening with meshes of not more than one inch.

( 2 ) It shall be unlawful for any person or the person's agent or servant or for any common carrier or the agent or servant of such common carrier to so crowd or congest or to allow, aid or abet in the crowding or congesting of chickens within any coop in any shipment as to impair or endanger the well-being of such chickens during the course of transportation thereof ; and any such crowding or congesting shall be deemed cruelty.

(3) Whenever any humane officer or any peace officer in the state ascertains or observes any shipment of chickens in a crowded or congested condition, such officer may take or cause to be taken such steps as to give immediate relief

(4) Any person who shall violate the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and under conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $50, or by imprisonment in the county jail not less than 20 days nor more than 30 days.

562.105 Humane killing of dogs. No person may kill or cause to be killed any dog which races in this state or was bred, whelped or trained in this state for racing, except by a human chemical method, specified by the department [DOA] by rule, which normally causes dogs to be rendered insensible to pain, is rapid and effective and is administered by a veterinarian:

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