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Virtual Rehoming

This is a free listing for an animal in the community who is in need of a new home. This animal is not available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society, but is being re-homed by members of the community. For more information, you can contact the animal's current guardian using the contact information below. Thank you!


Winston Animal Is Rehomed!

Age: 6
Species: cat
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic, Tabby
Animal Weight: 18 lbs
Animal Color: Orange
Rehoming Fee: 25
My two favorite things about Winston: Winston loves to play, run around, and cuddle.
Contact Info:

Current Location: Racine, WI
Is Winston spayed or neutered? yes
Is Winston up to date on vaccinations? yes
Why the animal is being rehomed: Winston started having litter box issues when we had our first child 2.5 years ago. We believe our home is too stressful for him now.
What are your two favorite things about Winston? Winston loves to play, run around, and cuddle.
How long have you had Winston? 6 years
Where did you get Winston? I adopted him.
Has Winston ever bitten someone? No
What, if any, medical or behavioral concerns does Winston have? Winston does have litter box issues. He is also Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitty, which really makes him amazing. He can't jump and has a wobbly gait, but is perfectly healthy.
Has Winston lived with other animals? Yes
If yes to the above, which animals has Winston lived with? A yellow lab female dog who is also 6 years old.
Has Winston actively fought with other animals in the home? No
Does/did Winston hide from other animals in the home? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: If other animals besides our dog comes into our house then Winston will hide.
How does Winston interact with animals outside of the home? See above. Winston is not an outdoor kitty.
Are you requiring that Winston not go into a family with certain types of pets? No
Has Winston lived with any children under 18? Yes
Winston has lived with children of these ages: 2.5 years old and 8 months old.
Does/did Winston hide or avoid children in the home? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Winston doesn't appreciate it when our 2.5 year old chases after him. He will run and hide from her, but he has never bit or scratched her.
Does/did Winston display any forms of aggression toward children in the home? No
Are you requiring that Winston not go into a family with children under a certain age? Yes
If yes to the above, please list your restrictions: I think older kids (over 5) will be less stressful for Winston.
Does Winston have any fears? Winston would do really well with a family that plays with him on a regular basis.
Winston's overall activity level: Moderately active
What should the next family should know about Winston: Winston is an amazing cat. He is playful and loves to snuggle with you. He needs more attention than we can give him at this point in our lives. He needs someone to play with him and to let him sit on their lap. While he has litter box issues we really believe it is since we had children.