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Virtual Rehoming

This is a free listing for an animal in the community who is in need of a new home. This animal is not available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society, but is being re-homed by members of the community. For more information, you can contact the animal's current guardian using the contact information below. Thank you!


Barkley Animal Is Rehomed!

Age: Approximately 2 YRS
Species: dog
Gender: Male
Breed: Pomeranian Cross
Animal Weight: 7 LBS
Animal Color: Cream
Rehoming Fee: $150.00
My two favorite things about Barkley: Barkly loves to cuddle, go on walks and play with toys.
Contact Info:

Current Location: Green Bay, WI
Is Barkley spayed or neutered? yes
Is Barkley up to date on vaccinations? yes
Why the animal is being rehomed: We adopted Barkley from the Bay Area Humane Society approximately 1 year ago. Barkly can be very loving but his unpredictable behavior, biting and constant marking are why we've decided to rehome him. His biting has improved some but it is still random and unpredictable. Going to the bathroom in the house continues to be a big problem
What are your two favorite things about Barkley? Barkly loves to cuddle, go on walks and play with toys.
How long have you had Barkley? One year.
Where did you get Barkley? Bay Area Humane Society
Has Barkley ever bitten someone? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Barkley is very food aggressive and if you try to take food from him he will bite you. Barkley also does not like to be disciplined. If you pick him up to take him to bed or to address his marking he bites. Barkley can not go to the groomers because he bites. Barkley bites the vet and has to be muzzled and held down. Clearly this dog suffered abuse prior to us adopting him, which we were not made aware of.
What, if any, medical or behavioral concerns does Barkley have? Barkley has some kind of nerve tick when he gets excited or starts to run. It appears as if he's trying to scratch his sides. The shelter told us this was from fleas, which it clearly wasn't. Barkley also only had one testical when he was neutered according to the Humane Society. Barkley marks constantly and goes to the bathroom whenever and wherever he wants. He is consistently taken out side with our other dog but will still walk right back into the house and pee. Barkley got his name because he likes to bark, a lot! Again he's improved some but it's still an issue. Barkley also likes to run and refuses to come back if called. He digs under the fences to escape and will go through the neighbors yards. He eventually comes back but it's when he decides. He bites. If you bend down to pet him and don't realize he's chewing on something he will bite you.
Has Barkley lived with other animals? Yes
If yes to the above, which animals has Barkley lived with? Willow is a 6+ year old female, Rat Terrier Rescue that we've had for approximately 5 years. Sebastian is a 15 year old male Siamese cat that we've had since birth.
Has Barkley actively fought with other animals in the home? No
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Barkley will fight with Willow if he gets jealous, has a treat and occasionally over a toy.
Does/did Barkley hide from other animals in the home? No
How does Barkley interact with animals outside of the home? Barkley acts very aggressive toward other dogs through the fence but is generally good with other dogs. He chases unfamiliar cats and tries to bite them. He was taught very early not to attack Sebastian.
Are you requiring that Barkley not go into a family with certain types of pets? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain which types of pets you are restricting: Barkley is better off in a home without cats.
Has Barkley lived with any children under 18? No
Barkley has lived with children of these ages: He has not lived with children here but we have had our grandchildren visit and I would not recommend Barkley be in a home with children.
Does/did Barkley hide or avoid children in the home? No
Does/did Barkley display any forms of aggression toward children in the home? Yes
If yes to the above, please explain the circumstances: Barkley will randomly be aggressive with anyone. He is very territorial over me especially and is jealous of young children.
Are you requiring that Barkley not go into a family with children under a certain age? Yes
If yes to the above, please list your restrictions: I would not place Barkley in a home with children under 16 because of his history of biting.
Does Barkley have any fears? Being disciplined. My guess is Barkley was abused prior to us adopting him. Specifically I believe he's been kicked because if you raise your foot near him or try to sweep him away from something he will bite.
Barkley's overall activity level: Very active/high energy
How does Barkley usually get exercise? Daily walks, Frequent Runs, Playing in fenced-in yard, Playing indoors,
What should the next family should know about Barkley: Barkley can be the sweetest dog in the world one minute and aggressive and biting the next. He will allow me to groom him without a problem but not a groomer. We've used the same groomer for years who felt confidant she could manage Barkly but his fighting and biting put an end to that thought within minutes. Barkley does not like the Vet. Both Vet visits were met with the same hostility. If he can find a way to run he will. No matter how often Barkly is let out he will still go to the bathroom in the house. Deterrent sprays do not work with him. On the upside, we managed to successfully kennel train him and he is on a very regular schedule. He also will sit for hours on your lap or beside you.