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The Wisconsin Humane Society's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Milwaukee Campus annually cares for 5,000 injured, sick and orphaned wild animals of over 145 different species.

Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and return them to the wild.

In addition to helping animals from Milwaukee County in our wildlife hospital, we give humane advice to people who have concerns about injured, sick, orphaned or wild animals in human living environments. Read our expert advice about wildlife below.

Find a wild animal in distress? Please call 414-431-6204. 

For other questions about wild animals, call our Wildlife Tip Lines 24/7 at 414-431-6137 or visit our Common Wildlife Questions.

Wisconsin Rehabilitators Directory

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has developed a directory where you can get more information on licensed wildlife rehabilitators throughout Wisconsin. If you need to find a rehabilitator in another part of the state, click here.


Wildlife Questions

Encounters with wildlife can be a wonderful experience.

Encounters with wildlife can be a wonderful experience. When wild animals make their homes in your home, however, they can wreak havoc on your property or ruin your garden; quickly becoming unwanted. Wild animals are adjusting to changes in their habitats and trying to survive in a world that is no longer their own. Much can be accomplished by teaching the wild animals who enter your yard what is acceptable and what is not. Doing so can create a peaceful co-existence in which both human and animal can survive and thrive. 

Injured Animals

Orphaned Animals

Wild Animals in your home

Wildlife in your yard

Wildlife Disease

Wildlife in Urban Areas

Saving Wild Animals

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Hope's Lights

Dumpling was rescued from terrible abuse but now has hope for a brighter future. Make a donation to Hope's Lights in honor of animals like Dumpling!