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Finding Lost Animals

It is a terrible feeling to find out that your beloved companion animal is missing, but here are some Steps to Find Your Four Legged Friend View

Prevent Loss

Always have an identification tag on your animal, including a current license. View


Do you want to help animals? They certainly need your assistance. View

Animal Surrender & Re-Homing

The Wisconsin Humane Society offers many resources and educational opportunities to help you maintain the treasured bond that you have with your animal companions. View

Pet Food For Families In Need

The Wisconsin Humane Society temporarily provides Furry Friend Food for individuals from Milwaukee County and Ozaukee County who are struggling to provide food for their animals and who demonstrate a financial need. View

Stray Animals


Trap Neuter Return - TNR

Caretakers of wild cats can access spay and neuter services. View

Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims


End of Life Services


Pets for Life


Animal Friendly Housing List

This is a list of some properties in the Southeastern Wisconsin area that allow their tenants to have pets. View