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Why license your cat?

We’ve got two good reasons…

  1.  Your companion animal may become lost. A license tag provides proper identification to assist you in locating your animal should he or she become lost or stray.
  2. It is a law. Milwaukee County and its municipalities require licensing of cats and dogs over six months of age within 30 days of adoption.

You may license your cat or dog at your local city hall. To obtain a license you must present evidence of a current rabies vaccination or a document from a veterinarian indicating prepayment for such a vaccination.

Please refer to additional material in your adoption packet for the cost of licensing cats and dogs in the various municipalities of Milwaukee County .

City of Milwaukee license fee for Cats & Dogs:

January 1 st - March 31 st 
Altered  $12
Unaltered  $24
As of April 1st a late fee is added to license fee:
Altered $4  (total fee is $16) 
Unaltered $8  (total fee is $32)