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Even though there were grates on the window wells at this day-care center, there was still enough room at the back of the grate to allow Petunia to fall into the window well.

The window well was a good three feet deep and Petunia could not climb out. The people who found her tried leaving the grate set-up like a ramp in the hope that Petunia could climb out on her own. But the well was just too deep and the ramp too steep to let the little skunk escape.

Petunia's Rescue

A WHS Wildlife Rehabilitator and a Wildlife Intern came to Petunia’s rescue.

They very slowly lowered a net down into the window-well. Petunia was not sure what was going on: the net scared her and she thought she might need to spray it – but in a few moments she settled-down and allowed us to gently scoop her into the net and lift her to safety.

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Little Bologna was rescued from a terrible situation and is now on the road to recovery, but her medical expenses will surpass $2,000.  

Consider sharing your love by donating to help Bologna!